Residential Plumbing and Heating


The importance of all plumbing systems in residential houses cannot be overlooked by wise property owners. Indeed the plumbing system of a house is just as important as other systems like the electrical system, heating system and much more. To ensure proper functioning of the plumbing and heating system of a house they need to be well serviced and maintained. This can only be done by certified and highly qualified personnel who are experienced in the field. At UK Gas Plumbers we have the most qualified and experienced plumbing experts that you can trust to take on your residential property plumbing and heating needs.


If you got any leaky faucet, taps, we will help you locate and identify where the problem lies in your property and have it repaired. We have the quickest turnaround time and once we have agreed on the quote, our experts will take you through the process of ensuring that your home’s plumbing and heating system works well again.


Residential plumbing service


It doesn’t matter whether you are that homeowner or contractor UK Gas Plumbers will help you get the plumbing of the house working great again. What’s more? It doesn’t matter whether its maintenance, replacement, or repair of a residential plumbing, our highly qualified & certified engineers will help you. You don’t have to worry about leaky pipes, broken faucets, worn out water pipes and all those plumbing needs that ought to be repaired. We got you covered and all your residential plumbing needs should not trouble you anymore just give us a call and we will be delighted to come over to your place and have everything fixed at beatable costs.


Some of the pluming services that you can expect to get from us include the following:


*      New construction or renovation plumbing.


*      Plumbing fixture installation.


*      Plumbing repair and replacement.


*      Leaky pipe repair.


*      Hot water tank installation/ repair/ replacement.


We take on both big and small residential house plumbing projects and work to ensure that all the plumbing needs of the house we take on is satisfactorily completed in time and on the agreed budget. We understand how time is usually an important aspect of any given project and that is why we try as much as possible to ensure that we complete work with our agreed timeframes. You can rely on us to respond to your emergencies so you can simply just give us a call and we will respond accordingly.

Why you should choose us.


The comfort of a house is usually defined by many things one of them being the heating system of the house that usually come in handy during the cold months. The efficiency of any house’s heating and ventilation system is usually dependent on how well the system is maintained and serviced. Proper servicing can only be done by professionals who are certified and qualified in the field. This is where home system heating engineers from UK Gas Plumbers come in. We have a team of licensed and qualified residential house heating system service personnel who will help you with all your house heating maintenance and repair needs.


Our qualified technicians are highly knowledgeable in performing residential home heating repairs, maintenance, and servicing. They have gained experience owing to the many years they have been involved in performing this work. Among some of our flagship residential heating services that we offer include the following:


          ·            Hot water in floor heating.


          ·            Furnace installation/ maintenance/ repair.


          ·            Boiler repair and installation.


          ·            Installation and repair of high-efficiency residential furnaces and boilers.


If you need any of the above services you should not hesitate but just give UK Gas Plumbers a call and you will be assisted.