Gas Safety Certificates


If you are renting out a property, it is better to be on the right side of the law and ensure that your tenants are safe in your property. As a landlord in the UK there are legal obligations that you ought not to bypass. It is vital for any landlord in the UK to get a landlord gas certificate that shows your property’s gas piping and fittings are safe to use. Gas is an important energy source that is used by many households but it can be extremely dangerous if the systems by which it is used in a house aren’t properly maintained. For this reason, it is vital that landlords call in qualified personnel to conduct regular checks.


In the UK, landlords are required by the government to have all the gas appliances and boilers that are installed in their buildings to be let to be annually serviced and approved to be safe and in good working condition. The approval and signing is to be done by a registered gas engineer who will then produce a gas safety certificate. The gas safety certificate is usually given to the landlord and the tenant.


UK Gas Plumbers is registered as a gas safe company and we offer landlords in the UK Gas Safety Certificate Service. We conduct a full inspection of your house’s gas appliances including gas cookers, boilers and gas fires. When our clients request for our service, we normally come and record the location and make a description of each appliance in the property. We also take note of any safety issues that need to be rectified including the work to be undertaken to fix the problems. Because it is a legal requirement for landlords that their house’s gas pipework is properly maintained and in safe condition, we can also test and record the reliability of the pipework of the house in question.


So which landlords need these certificates?

All landlords who have rented out properties that have gas appliances are required to provide gas safety certificates to their tenants. Some of the more common gas appliances in properties may include; a gas fireplace, a gas central heating, etc.


At UK Gas Plumbers we issue residential and commercial (LPG and natural gas) Landlord Gas safety certificates for:


         ·            Private rentals which may include; homes, flats, mansionettes, hotels, offices etc.


         ·            We provide certificates, commissioning and servicing for Factories, Manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, vineyards, churches and many more


         ·            Catering establishments restaurants and fast food mobile catering van which requires a special lpg certificate


         ·            Properties with B&B accommodation.


         ·            Holiday homes.


Without a gas safety certificate what happens?

A gas safety certificate is an indication to both the authorities and your tenants that your property is safe for human occupation. Not having a gas safety certificate means that your gas pipework is not inspected and is a potential disaster in waiting. No one wants to be in a building or premise that is not gas safe and therefore gas safety must be a priority for landlords. This is why you ought to call in our experts at UK Gas Plumbers to help you with carrying out the necessary inspections and have your property issued with a gas safety certificate. This way you will rest easy knowing your property is compliant. 

Not having a gas safety certificate can lead you into many problems that are not limited to invalidation of your property insurance, fines that could be well over £ 6,000, jail terms of up to 6 months, and in the case of a tenant dying in your property due to negligence you may be charged with manslaughter and risk being jailed for many years.


Due to all these reasons don’t hesitate to enlist the services of UK Gas Plumbers to help you get a gas safety certificate for your business and homes. 



Domestic Gas Safety Certificate CP12 Price List


Gas safety certificate for 1 appliance (£50 +vat)


Gas safety certificate for 2 appliances (£60 +vat)


Gas safety certificate for 3 appliances (£70 +vat)


Include a boiler service for an additional (£30 +vat)


(appliances covered: Boilers, Cookers, Range Cookers, Fireplaces and Heaters)




Commercial Catering Gas Safety Certificate CP42 Price list


Catering gas certificate for 1 appliance £120


Catering gas certificate for 2 appliances £150


Catering gas certificate for 3 appliances £180


(We cover Range Cookers, Deep fat fryer, Pizza oven, Grill, Hotplate and many more)




Commercial Boiler Room Gas Safety Certificate CP15 Price List


Commercial Gas Certificate for 1 boiler £150


Commercial gas certificate for 2 boilers £250


Commercial gas certificate for 3 boilers £350


(We cover commercial boilers, packaged burners, tube heaters, overhead space heaters, industrial boiler room and many more)




LPG Residential Gas Safety Certificate


LPG gas certificate for 1 appliance £120


LPG gas certificate for 2 appliances £150


(£30 for each additional LPG gas appliances)


We provide landlord gas certificate homes and businesses in remote location depended on LPG cylinder. We work with propane, butane and many more liquid petroleum gases.




Commercial LPG Gas Safety Certificate


LPG gas safety certificate for house, business or hotels from £150


Mobile catering LPG gas certificate for 1 appliance £150


Mobile catering LPG gas certificate for 2 appliances £180


Mobile catering LPG gas certificate for 3 appliances £210


Mobile catering LPG gas certificate for 4 appliances £240


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