Commercial Gas Certificates Explained

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Commercial Gas Certificates Explained



Commercial boiler gas safety

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commercial kitchen gas safety

Commercial Catering Gas Inspection .

To book a CP17 or CP42 commercial gas safety certificate email:  or  call  0208 935 5572-  We cover London, Surrey and counties around the M25. 

Commercial Gas Safety Certificate

UK Gas Plumbers proves gas safety inspection certification for domestic, commercial and industrial premises. We employ fully qualified and experienced gas safe team of engineers and plumbers. We can carry out your gas safety checks and any remedial works required. 

How often do you need a commercial gas safety certificate ?

All commercial Gas safety inspection checks must be renewed annually. And most recent documents must be kept for a period of 3 years. At UK Gas Plumbers we issue electronic certificate which can be access anytime from a link.

Gas safety for commercial premises and businesses 

Landlord and lease holders of commercial premises must ensure that all gas installation and appliances installed on their institution is services and checked annually by a registered and competent gas engineer. It is a legal requirement for all businesses and commercial premises which services the public and employs staff. Ensure you receive the correct commercial gas safety certificate for your establishment and remain compliant is your responsibility. Below is a list of commercial gas safety certificate legally required for commercial premises. 

If your not sure which commercial gas certificate is required for your property. Our friendly customer service are always happy to help. We can take you through a few question and explain the different types of gas safety certificate. But once our engineer are onsite they will automatically issue you with the correct commercial gas safety certificate. We also do not a charge any additional cost cost rewriting your gas safety certificate after your inspection had been carried out. 

The different types of commercial gas safety inspection are :

  • CP17 Commercial Gas safety 
  • CP15 Boiler plant room commissioning/serving report 
  • CP16 Strength testing, tightness and purging
  • CP42 commercial catering gas safety certificate for food establishment. 

CP42 commercial Catering gas safety certificate

A CP42 gas certificate certificate can only be issued a commercial catering gas safe registered engineer qualified in COMCAT1, COMCAT2, COMCAT3, COMCAT4, COMCAT5, ICPN1, TPCP1a, TPCP1, CMC1. All our commercial catering gas engineers are qualified to work on a wide range of catering gas installations and is general required for businesses such as:

  • Fast Food and Takeaways
  • Industrial Kitchens
  • Food Processing 
  • School Kitchens and canteens
  • Any building with a commercial catering appliance installed. 

During a CP42 commercial catering inspection there are a few necessary requirements before a pass certificate can be issued. This includes checking to ensure the correct pipework and gas pressures is available t each appliance. An emergency stop button is fitted to the nearest exit of the kitchen. A gas solenoid valve is fitted to the pipework which must be interlocked with the air supply and extraction canopy. And should shut off the gas automatically if either the air supply or extraction canopy is switched off or a fan failure. In educational establishment the requirements are even more stricken a carbon dioxide alarm is required to be interlocked as part of the gas safety system. 

Does my  properties require a commercial gas certificate?

Any property with a commercial gas appliance installed weather it is a boiler, heater or a catering appliance by law requires a commercial gas safety certificate annually. In most cases where the property is being rented the landlord is legally responsible for ensure the property meets its compliance requirements. But if the property is a lease hold then it would most likely be that the lease holder is responsible for the building compliance requirements. Do check with your landlord or legal documents pack for clarification. Our commercial gas engineer will carry a complete gas safety inspection of your premises once once and issue the required certification based on the equipment your have installed at your premises. So be sure to show them to every appliance which uses natural gad installed at your premises. It is your responsibility to ensure that you inform us of the number of appliances on site and their location as-well ensure access is provided. Which issue electronic commercial gas safety certificate which can access from a link sent to email and download at anytime. We will also send you annual notification before your next due date. 

To book a CP17 or CP42 commercial gas safety certificate email:  or  call  0208 935 5572-  We cover London, Surrey and counties around the M25. 

If you are in need of a Commercial Gas Safety Check, simply call our 24 hour Customer service


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Fast and reliable service, Ernest carried out a commercial gas certificate at our warehouse. He found a small gas leak on our installation but fix it right away at no additional cost. something just needed tightening. Excellent service.
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Philipin John
Excellent boiler service from a very polite gentleman. Highly recommended..
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Maria Maya

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