Commercial Boiler Maintenance

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Commercial Boiler Maintenance

Commercial Boiler Maintenance Contract and Preventive maintenance Checklist

It is best practice to have a commercial boiler checked everyday and every inspection documented. Regular maintenance visit can significantly reduce the downtime. Daily inspection should pay close attention to leaks, drips, noise, temperature gauges should be reading above 65 and pressure gauges above 1.3 bar. UK Gas Plumbers can provided planned preventive maintenance visit daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual BMS Remote maintenance check up.

Daily Commercial Heating Maintenance

  • Check flow and return temperature via pressure gauges fitted on the pipework.
  • Checking water pressure sensors are correct and pressurisation unit matches the that shown on the gauges.
  • Check pumps and motors for noise dry running.
  • Check surface area around the boiler room for leaks and drips.
  • If you can gas with nostril then call the gas emergency services immediately.
  • Check the flame is clear blue through the sight glass.
  • Check flue for drips and leaks
  • Check boiler display screen for fault codes, Record and try resetting.

Weekly Commercial Heating Maintenance

  • Everything in the daily maintenance check and below
  • Regular weekly inspection of flame picture
  • Check working and burning pressure is correct.
  • Clean spark electrode and flame rectification probe with a wire brush
  • Check room thermostat with regulation the room temperature
  • Check the low water pressure safety device is active by release pressure from the boiler until the boiler lockout and refilling then resetting.
  • Do an evaporation test for low water levels, at which the burner should stop

Monthly Commercial Heating Maintenance

  • Everything from the daily and weekly maintenance check and below
  • Release boiler pressure relief valve and check expiration date if applicable. It should close and return to fully closed position. It Shouldn’t continue letting by or dripping after testing.
  • Test water quality PH levels.
  • Check flue gas analysis reading and record
  • Check gas supply pressure
  • Check condensate pipework and clean condensation pipework
  • Check condensate pump if fitted.
  • Check boiler fan is pulling the right amperage
  • Check air pressure switch is operating gas valve
  • Check boiler cover for sooth and heat damage.
  • Operate gas interlock system is working

Quarterly Commercial Heating Maintenance

  • Everything from the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance check and below
  • Check all flanges, screwed and soldered joints for leakage.
  • Check all pipework and connects around the boiler is bone dry
  • Check for signs of incomplete combustion
  • Check burner pressure and gas working pressure is correct to manufacturers recommendations
  • Check BMS Control panel for any signs of fault and indictor light
  • Check shunt pump and all pumps in the boiler is running.

Annual Commercial Heating Maintenance

Every year, you’re required to have your boiler go through a comprehensive inspection, where every component will be examined. This will involve the following tasks:

  • Everything from the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance check and below
  • Carry out gas tightness test check for leaks
  • Check boiler all boiler controls and gas safety components are operating correctly and not bypassed.
  • Record any ware and tare signs
  • Check boiler burner chamber and clean out
  • Carry out a flushing of boiler for build up or limescale and sludge
  • Make sure the heating system is working fine and water pH levels are correctly maintained
  • Ensure boiler is service manufacturers required and recorded on every visit.
  • Issue your annual commercial gas safety certificate for compliance.

Please see below for our prices and additional hourly rates. We are a London based commercial heating maintenance company ad can dispatch an engineer immediately to Ascot, South Ascot, North Ascot, Sunninghill, Cheapside, Brookside, Chavey Down, Woodside, Plaistow Green, The Rise, Martins Heron, All of London, Surrey, Kent and Surrounding Counties around the M25. 


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