Gas interlock system installation & Repair

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Gas safety interlock systems are installed to prevent gas from leaking from a gas appliance. They are the safety measure that protects people from the dangers of natural gas.

A gas interlock proving system is a safety device which is installed on a gas installation and prevents it from being used unless it can be shown that there is no risk of leakage of natural gas.

Gas interlock systems are installed in buildings to prevent gas leaks and explosions by shutting off the gas supply unless the extractor/supply canopy of flame failure device is fully function.

An interlock system is an electronic device that prevents the flow of natural gas to the burner or appliance via utilizing a gas solenoid valve also known as an automatic shut off valve.

Component of a gas interlock system

  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Gas Solenoid Valve
  • Gas Proving Connector
  • Gas Interlock Box
  • Air Pressure Switch
  • Current Sensor

Gas interlock systems are a safety measure that is used in many industries. These systems can ensure that the gas supply to a work area is turned off when your workers leave. They also turn the gas back on when your worker enters the work area again.

The gas interlock system is a safety device that prevents the operation of a gas appliance from being initiated when the room in which it is installed has been occupied by people. The gas interlock system installation is required by law for any building erected after 2001, and any existing kitchen that undergoes a major renovation or change of use.

Gas interlock systems are designed to prevent accidental fires and explosions from occurring in buildings. They are also intended to protect occupants from exposure to natural gas and other hazardous materials.