Commercial Boiler Cleaning

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How can you clean a commercial boiler?

Clean the heater tubes and base with your cleaning brush. Clean the vent stack, then wash the burner tubes with clean water. Let them dry. Vacuum the bottom and exterior of the boiler once the tubes have dried.

How often should a commercial boiler be cleaned?

Every twelve months

Commercial boiler servicing should be done annually. Due to their heavy-duty usage, commercial boilers are particularly susceptible to wear. In order to preserve warranty validity at least once every twelve months .

How can you maintain a commercial boiler in good condition?

Set up, clean, and inspect the controllers, air pressure switches, and ignition probes. Drain the boiler water content from the vessel and take out the limescale build up. Both the boiler hot water and heating sides should be opened and cleaned.

What is the average time it takes to service a commercial boiler?

An average boiler service takes 90 mins . The engineer will inspect various parts of the boiler to make sure they are safe and clean.

How do you inspect the boiler’s stack for maintenance?

Inspect the exhaust stack and inspect the tubes and pipes for any faults. To ensure proper exhaust stack operation, check periodically for poisonous gases. Regular clean-ups are recommended as soot and other accumulated particles can reduce exhaust efficiency and, therefore, boiler efficiency.

What conditions are allowed to access the boiler for cleaning or maintenance?

A boiler should not be entered by a worker for cleaning or repairs , unless another worker is available to assist.

What are the dangers of a boiler?

Boilers operate at high temperatures, close to pressurized vessels. This puts their operators at risk of explosions and burns. Boiler fuel burning can cause fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Boiler operators may come in contact with different substances found in boilers.

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