Servicing Commercial Boilers

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Servicing Commercial Boilers

Servicing Commercial Boilers

No matter if you own a commercial company, small shop, hospital or other business, your boiler must be working properly. If it isn’t, it can put everyone at risk, and may require costly repairs. Fortunately, having your boiler serviced regularly can help prevent problems before they arise. You can avoid major problems and save money.

A qualified Gas Safe registered engineer is legally permitted to perform commercial boiler maintenance. During a boiler service, he will check that your equipment is in good working order and that all of the safety devices are operating correctly. The service will be documented.

A professional technician will recommend regular maintenance throughout the year. Safety valves, and all other parts should be checked. He will also recommend performing a revalidation check every so often to make sure your boiler works as well as it can.

The cost of servicing your boiler can vary depending on the type of company you choose. While some companies charge an upfront fee for service, others charge for the parts. Price will be affected by the length and complexity of the service. A basic service typically starts at PS80, while the highest prices are in the PS300 range. Often, the cost of servicing an older boiler is much higher, as it is harder to find replacement parts.

The best time for your commercial boiler to be serviced is during the late summer months. You’ll get the best results from the service. The heating engineer will be able access the unit easily during this period. The heating engineer should be able check the unit for any leaks and to inspect all safety devices. This will help to keep the unit in tip-top condition for the winter months.

Your commercial boiler should be serviced before any potential problems occur. A breakdown can leave your business and customers in a cold, uncomfortable state. A breakdown in a warehouse or garage can cause production to stop. Carbon monoxide leaks are difficult to spot and could pose a risk to the health and safety of employees.

By having your commercial boiler serviced on a regular basis, you can avoid costly repairs and keep your business running smoothly. An expert will be able to evaluate your boiler and recommend the best solutions for your needs. A qualified technician will perform daily blowdowns of your boiler to help prevent scaling. Similarly, he will be able to check the burner flame and safety valves to ensure that everything is running properly.

You should also consider having a revalidation test performed on your boiler on a yearly basis. This will allow you to assess the boiler’s health over its lifetime.

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