What is a Commercial Gas Certificate

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What Is a Commercial Gas Certificate?

Having a commercial gas certificate is a legal requirement if you own or manage a business that has a gas appliance. If you don’t have a certificate, you could be subject to penalties.


CP17 gas certificate is a document that records the results of a Gas Safe Registered engineer’s inspection of a property. This is required by law for all UK commercial properties. This certificate serves to verify that gas appliances within the property are working properly and safe.

As a landlord, you must take responsibility for ensuring that your rental property is safe. Gas appliances that are not working properly can lead to CO poisoning, gas leaks, and fires. This is why it is important to get your gas appliances checked by a Gas Safe engineer.

Getting your gas appliances tested on a regular basis can also increase their reliability and efficiency. A Gas Safe Engineer should inspect your gas appliances at least once per year.

To prove that gas installations on a property have been in proper working order, a CP17 commercial gas certificate must be obtained. Failure to do so can lead to a breach of the law and invalidate your building insurance.

It is important to remember that you must have your commercial gas appliance checked by a Gas Safe engineer every year. This is a job that only Gas Safe engineers can do. You can also choose to use software for CP17 certificate management. This digital tool will make managing your gas appliances easier and faster.

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