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It doesn’t matter if you have been in the business industry for years or if you just started out, it is vital to get a commercial gas inspection done on your premises. It is important for the safety of your employees, your customers, and yourself. This is a legally binding obligation. Luckily, there are companies out there that can do it for you. These professionals will work to ensure that everything is safe and working as it should.


A commercial gas inspection should not be taken lightly. Aside from a hefty bill, a bad experience could taint your business for years to come.


A commercial gas safety certificate can be a vital legal document. The certificate requires that the building owner proves that the gas appliance has been installed safely for the intended purpose. The certificate emphasizes the importance of gas appliances in a building’s HVAC system. This certificate should only be obtained by an expert, like a licensed master plumber or registered architect.

A building with a gas-piping system should be checked at least every four years. A Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Report must be provided to the building owner. The report will include the results of the inspection and any violations of combustible gases. You should mention non-code-compliant installations.

A new building can be exempted from inspection if it is completed within the last 12 months. The building must still be certified by an approved witness. These witnesses must be registered design professionals with five years of experience in gas piping systems.

Testing pressures

Pressure testing of gas lines, whether they are for residential, commercial or industrial buildings is crucial to assure proper distribution. This also helps to ensure safety and maintenance of the pipes.

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