Commercial Property Gas Safety Certificates

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Commercial Property Gas Safety Certificates

You must ensure that your gas safety regulations are met, regardless of whether you’re a landlord or tenant. This includes an annual check. To prove your property is compliant with the regulations, commercial property gas safety certificates can be obtained. A qualified engineer will come to your property to carry out the checks and issue a certificate. The Gas Safe Register will help you find qualified engineers.

Commercial property landlords have a responsibility for their tenants’ safety. You must make sure that your flues and appliances are checked regularly. If you fail to provide a gas safety check, you could face a range of penalties, including a fine and imprisonment. A CP17 gas certificate is the most effective way to prove that your property meets all the regulations. If you lease your property out to tenants, this certificate is particularly important. During a gas safety check, the engineer will perform a visual inspection, functionality tests, pressure tests, and operation tests. If any problems are detected, the engineer will note the problems on a Gas Safety Record form. The form will contain the details of the gas safety assessment, including the name and date.

If you own a business, you must also arrange for an annual commercial property gas safety check. This is to confirm that your heating and catering appliances are in working order. It is crucial that you fix any problems found in the Gas Safety Record.

Gas-Safe registered engineers must inspect the gas system of landlords every year. These engineers are trained to check all of your gas appliances and to test them for leaks, functionality, and pressure. To ensure that they do not have cracks or other problems, the engineers will inspect your flues as well as your pipework. The Gas-Safe Registered Engineer will issue a Commercial Property Gas Safety Certificate if any gas appliances are in good working condition.

You may decide to assign the responsibility for issuing gas safety certificates when you lease property. You can set up legal arrangements to meet all requirements. A separate contract that defines your rights and responsibilities is also an option.

Businesses that use gas appliances must have a Gas Safety Certificate. Insurance policies can be invalidated if you fail to obtain a gas safety certificate. You could also be subject to other sanctions. You could also be subject to a £6000 fine if your gas system is in bad working order.

If you have any questions about your Gas Safe Certificate, or the procedures for issuing it, you should contact the Gas Safe Register. It is also a good idea to update your records if your property has been remortgaged or sold.

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