Commercial Water Heater Gas

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Commercial Water Heater Gas: Energy Efficient and Cost-Effective

Whether for space heating or domestic hot water, commercial gas water heaters have a wide range of applications. They are also used for residential heating, as well as in high-volume commercial buildings that require hot water. Compared to electrical counterparts, gas heaters can heat water much faster and more effectively. They are also less costly to run and require minimal maintenance. You can buy them in many sizes and configurations including parallel and stacked models.

Residential water heaters typically have a capacity of 100 gallons. Commercial water heaters may be larger. To prevent corrosion, some models have a glass lining in the tank. Depending on the application, these units may be combined with other types of water heaters, such as electric or oil-fired, to form a centralized hot water supply system.

Many states have passed regulations to reduce NOx emissions from water heaters. Energy Policy and Conservation Act require that the Department of Energy establish modified standards for these products. In 2001, the DOE adopted amended standards for commercial water heaters. This revised standard contains minimum energy efficiency requirements of 80% and minimum standby losses of 14%.

These standards reflect the energy efficiency levels of ASHRAE 90.1-2013. If a product meets these requirements, it is able to display an ENERGY STAR label. Federal purchasers can assume that a product that meets ENERGY STAR efficiency requirements is life cycle cost-effective. A model that is ENERGY STAR certified can help you save as much as £619 during its lifetime.

FEMP also includes ENERGY STAR requirements in its acquisition guidance for commercial storage heaters. The guidance is also applicable to heat pump water heaters. The final rule for commercial-gas-fired storage heaters is based on current gas-fired heater efficiency standards. Moreover, the final rule includes condensing technology for commercial gas-fired water heaters.

The American High Efficiency series of condensing water heaters is available in a range of capacities from 120,000 to 500,000 Btu/h. Its advanced technology features a unique helical coil heat exchanger that maximizes heat transfer. It is also manufactured with an internally lined tank for maximum protection against high-volume water. These models also have shorter jacket sizes and lower floor-to vent heights which allows for more space when building new.

Other types of atmosphere vent appliances can also share the same venting system. For example, wall-hung or freestanding water heaters. The material used for venting will vary depending on which type of water heater it is. Using a professional plumbing contractor to determine the proper venting setup is essential.

A common type of residential gas water heater uses a vertical metal duct vent. While the exhaust air leaves the house, the intake air flows through different chambers within the same unit. It is used for industrial purposes.

A factory-mounted, pre-wired blower is another common feature in commercial gas water heaters. It ensures the unit’s working draft is properly established prior to ignition. This allows for better heat control, and the unit can provide sufficient make-up air for the building.

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