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Gas Safe Register Replaces CORGI Registered Plumbers

According to the Health and Safety Executive, the new gas registration system should not be considered a compromise on gas safety standards. Instead, it was intended to make the registration process easier. The new scheme would also give companies the opportunity to demonstrate that they had the competence to carry out the work required. This meant that only those who were on the approved list could carry out the required work.

The CORGI registration system was replaced by the Gas Safe Register in April 2009. The UK’s official regulator of gas safety is this body. Gas Safe Register is responsible for ensuring that all gas operators comply with the regulations governing gas use and installation. As well as checking that registered gas operatives are competent, it conducts regular inspections to check that engineers are complying with the rules. In order to ensure the safety of the public, Gas Safe has established a team of investigators who regularly go out and investigate illegal engineers.

The new register is a requirement for anyone carrying out gas work in domestic properties. To be on the register, an engineer must be legally qualified to work on gas and must provide a declaration of safety. Gas Safe cards are required for all plumbers who work on gas appliances. You can verify that an engineer has been registered by going to the Gas Safe website.

This new register functions in the same way as CORGI. However, there are differences. One difference between registered installers and unregistered ones is the requirement that they all have a Gas Safe card. It displays the registered number of their installer and their photograph. In addition, the card shows the category of work they are registered to perform. For example, a gas installer who works on gas boilers must be a member of the Heating Control Panel Scheme. This means that they must have a certificate of competence to carry out this work under the Accredited Certification Scheme.

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