Domestic Kitchen Extraction Systems

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Domestic Kitchen Extraction Systems

It is crucial to maintain a healthy and clean kitchen extraction system. In particular, a dirty extraction system is one of the leading causes of fires. The oil and grease in the kitchen extractors could get into staff’s lungs, which can be a problem. It can also cause unpleasant odours to emanate from the kitchen, which is something you don’t want to have to deal with in your work place.

Safety of employees is ensured by a well-designed and properly maintained extraction system. An efficient ventilation system can remove unwanted smells from the air and prevent grease particles. The ventilation system will keep your cooking space at an acceptable temperature. A good extraction system can also protect your business from fires.

The EPA has issued its latest ventilation standard, known as TR19. This document contains an extensive suite of recommendations for cleaning your kitchen extraction system. A specialist is the best option to make sure the ventilation system functions safely.

The TR19 standard recommends cleaning your ventilation system at least once a year. This is because the kitchen’s extract ducts can collect large amounts of dirt, moisture, and other particles. They can cause respiratory problems and even set off a fire. The quality of the filters you use is important as well. They need to be cleaned to manufacturer’s specifications.

The TR19 document also provides good advice about the size and type of extractor unit you need. It is dependent upon the quantity of food prepared and the level of cooking. It is important to select a unit that can remove enough air to meet your needs. It is also important to think about the exact location of the extractor units in your kitchen.

Properly designed ventilation systems will keep you and your employees safe. They will also help to prolong the life of your kitchen. Regular maintenance is essential in order to keep your extractor system clean and safe. This will prevent you from having to pay uninsured repairs and even closing down the business. It is also worth considering the size and design of the extractor unit, as this will play an important role in preventing the odours, smoke and grease elements from damaging the structure of your kitchen.

There are many services that can be provided to maintain your ventilation and extraction systems. CVAC are an industry leader in this area. They can offer expert guidance and advice on choosing the right extractor unit for you kitchen. They can also help you choose the best equipment for your employees to maintain a healthy environment.

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