Gas Boiler Servicing

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Gas Boiler Servicing Tips

Regular gas boiler servicing will ensure that your boiler stays in good shape for many years. This can reduce your energy bills and keep you and your family safe. It will also save money and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Before winter, it is best to have your gas boiler service done. Your engineer will identify any problems with your boiler and reset any controls that have been altered. They will also test your gas supply, check your flue, and make sure your burner is in good working order.

Properly maintained boilers will work more efficiently and provide better heat for your home. Poorly functioning boilers can result in increased energy bills, low heating and possibly dangerous leaks. It is amazing how much preventative maintenance can make a difference in the long-term.

First, find a Gas Safe certified engineer. These are the only people legally allowed to perform routine maintenance on gas appliances. The engineer will visit your boiler to inspect it and explain the entire service procedure. He will also advise you on other appliance service needs.

Ask your engineer to explain the most important features of your boiler. This will include the temperature of the water, the venting, the pilot light, and the main injector. Your boiler should also be inspected for any corrosion or leaks. Condensing boiler owners will want to inspect their flue for pressure and airflow.

The engineer will also check your boiler for signs of carbon monoxide. This is the biggest safety risk posed by a faulty boiler. A well-maintained boiler will detect carbon monoxide before it can enter your house.

Safety of your family is the most crucial aspect of any boiler. A gas boiler is no exception to this rule. It can burn gas at too hot a temperature and can also leak, which can allow carbon monoxide into your home.

To get the most efficient heating in your house, it is important to inspect your boiler. While this sounds like an inconvenience, it could save your life in the long run. The right boiler can last 15 to 20 years with proper care. However, if your boiler is older than that, you should consider upgrading to a new energy efficient model.

It is important to have your boiler serviced at least once per year. Although the service will cost more than repairs, the savings you get on electricity and gas costs will make it worth it.

Gas boilers that are maintained regularly will be more durable and work better. Your system’s energy efficiency will help reduce your carbon footprint.

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