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The Importance of a Gas Safety Certificate For Landlords

A gas safety certificate is an essential part of your landlord responsibilities. This document is designed to ensure that your tenants’ appliances are in good working order and that you are complying with the law. The price of the inspection depends on how large your property is and how many appliances are needed to be inspected. A gas safety inspection must be done on every rented property once a year.

Gas safety certificates are written to confirm that appliances have been checked by certified Gas Safe engineers. This includes an inspection and verification of the burner pressure, installation tightness, and gas meter. The labeling is also checked. The gas safety certificate is a legal requirement for all rented properties, including those with an assured shorthold tenancy.

Gas Safe Regulations (Installation & Use) require that you obtain a St Albans gas safety certificate every twelve months. The document is legally binding and must be presented to tenants within 28 days after the inspection. The certificate must be accompanied by a Landlord Gas Safety Record. This must contain a list of the appliances in your property, as well as the flues and chimneys. This document must be kept for two years as a requirement by law. You should also notify your tenant by text or phone that the next gas safety inspection is taking place.

Landlord Gas Safety Record (or LGSR) is the document you must issue to tenants whenever you rent out your property. It contains all relevant information. The record must be displayed for at least 2 years. If your tenants are renting directly from an agent, this record should also be made visible. LGSR can be used to communicate your best practices to tenants, and to show your commitment to gas safety.

A Gas Safety Certificate is an excellent way to demonstrate that your tenant takes safety very seriously. This document will tell them that your appliances are fit for use, as well as identifying any remedial actions that should be taken to maintain the safety of your property and the people who live in it.

There are a number of companies offering gas safety certificates in St Albans, so make sure that you find the right one for you. If you need help with a safety certificate in St Albans, LF Heating & Plumbing can offer you an affordable service. They can perform a gas safety check on your rented property for just PS60 + VAT. A PDF copy of the certificate can be downloaded and sent to tenants.

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