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Choosing a Gas Fitter Plumber

A gas plumber is required to fit gas lines and flues in your home, whether you are building or renovating. These pipes can be dangerous so it is important that only professionals are used to maintain or repair them. Also, ensure that you verify the qualifications of anyone who is hired to do these services.

Plumbers and gas fitters are two different jobs that require different qualifications and training. Although they may appear to be interchangeable, gas fitters and plumbers have distinct skills and knowledge.

You should ensure that you hire both a licensed plumber and one who can do gas fitting if you are looking for a plumber to work on your home. You can be sure that the new plumbing will meet all safety regulations. A qualified gasfitter can issue a certificate of completion to ensure that your new plumbing installation is completed correctly.

Gas fitters have specialized training in the installation and repair of gas appliances. You may be able to train them for industrial systems, digital meters and complex boilers. The state fully insures them as they are skilled and experienced. It’s important to ask your gas fitter about their certifications and insurance.

After you have hired a gasfitter for the project, he will issue you a certificate of completion. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re hiring a professional who has a lot of experience and is well-equipped to do the job. They should also be able to give you a warranty. Ask for testimonials and references from past customers before you hire a gasfitter.

You can learn more about how to choose a gasfitter by reading through the Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations Regulations of 1999. These regulations include specific requirements and the exam that will be taken to demonstrate your competence in gas fitting. Passing the exam with at least 75% or more is required. You’ll also have to cover subjects such as safety, welding, air conditioning, hydronics, and mathematics. You will also need to pay the test fee. If you fail, you’ll need to retake the test.

There are tasks that don’t require specialist licensing, but you need to make sure the person who you hire to perform these services is licensed. Also, make sure they are covered for liability. If you don’t, you could end up with serious problems or even a life-threatening accident.

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