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What Does a Gas Fitter Do?

Whether it’s installing a new gas line or maintaining a system, a gas fitter is responsible for making sure that appliances are working properly. They also install gas equipment, inspect damaged lines and make repairs.

Fitter work requires a high level of attention to detail and problem solving skills. The fitter should be capable of fixing any problem that may arise from a gas fitting job. Gasfitters are skilled in reading house plans. The job of a gasfitter is physically challenging. Gasfitters will have to be able stand for extended periods and bend.

Gasfitters can work indoors or outdoors. They are also qualified to test, maintain, and repair appliances that use natural or liquefied gas. They’re licensed and insured. They can work on both industrial and residential properties. They are able to install gas lines and repair damaged or leaky lines.

A gasfitter can earn certifications in different provinces and territories. Some gas companies offer vocational-technical courses that teach the basic skills needed for a gasfitter’s job. This includes math, chemistry and applied physics. These courses can take one to three years to complete.

Once the training is complete, gasfitters can apply to be licensed as a class A gasfitter or class B gasfitter. This license is required for gasfitting on commercial or residential properties. A licence is important to ensure that the gasfitter has the skills necessary to meet the regulatory standards for safety and quality.

Candidates should have at least 2 years’ experience as a gasfitter before applying for their license. They will be able to spot potential issues and how to connect appliances to the gas lines. It is also important that they understand the regulations for connecting gas appliances.

To ensure they have the skills required for the job, the fitter must pass a test. This test includes topics like gas fitting, math, air conditioning and welding. A grade of 75% or higher is required to pass the exam. Also, a test fee must be paid. A journeyperson certificate will be issued to the successful fitter who passes the examination. Employers can rest assured that their gasfitter has the skills and experience to do the job.

Gasfitters can have a challenging but rewarding job. They will work with complex machinery, and need to be able to quickly solve problems. When installing appliances, they will need to understand building plans and follow the instructions.

A gasfitter’s work can be physically demanding, as they often work in cramped positions. They must be able to understand how the machines they install operate, and they must be able to work with others in the field to keep their skills current.

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