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Choosing Gas Safe Installers

It is crucial to choose a trustworthy Gas Safe Installer in order to protect your family and home. A poorly installed appliance can lead to leaks, explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and invalidating any warranty. It is important that you choose an engineer who has been registered on the Gas Safe Register.

To become a member of the Gas Safe register, you must undergo training. The register also requires assessments to demonstrate your qualifications in gas safety. In addition, the register will carry out competency inspections on you. A qualified engineer will be given a Gas Safe ID card. The card will include the name of the engineer, date of last inspection, qualifications, and new license number. This can be used for checking if the engineer has been registered or to verify if they have any current work on your property.

Gas Safe Register runs campaigns that are public facing to increase awareness about the hazards of gas. One campaign called Stay Gas Safe, for example, identifies common products as a potential threat. If you are concerned about an upcoming installation, you can log on to the Stay Gas Safe website and find out if it is an unsafe product. It can be used to determine if you need to contact a Gas Safe contractor for the job.

The Gas Safe Register can provide advice in the case of dangerous leaks or defective installations. You can find a listing of Gas Safe engineers in your area. The register is also available to be contacted by email or telephone. If you can’t locate a member in your area, it’s possible to ask for a search engine to be set up. This will enable you to find an engineer by postcode, company registration number or company name. The database is also known as Gas Safe12.

A Gas Safe ID card is issued to engineers once they have been approved by the register. Each card includes a photograph of the engineer as well as a unique license number and expiry date. The ID card is also a handy way to check if the engineer is a Gas Safe member before they start their work. If you are concerned that your boiler has not been serviced or installed by a Gas Safe member, you should contact the company immediately. It’s important to get a gas safety check carried out on a regular basis.

To combat problems created by unscrupulous installers, the Gas Safe Register was established. It’s estimated that over one million homes in the UK are put at risk each year by illegal or incompetent gas work. These gas leaks can cause serious damage to homes and cost the British taxpayer millions.

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