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Gas Safety Certificate For Commercial Property

A Gas Safety Certificate is required for commercial property. It is an official document that certifies that the building and its appliances are safe. Gas Safe certified engineers must inspect any gas appliances. Before you move into your new house, it is a good idea to get a duplicate of this certificate.

Annual maintenance is the best time for your pipes and appliances to be checked. Regular inspections will ensure your equipment works safely and effectively. In addition to improving energy efficiency, you will also be ensuring that your appliance lasts longer.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 govern the use and installation of gas in the United Kingdom. These regulations are enforced through the Health and Safety Executive. You could face imprisonment or fines if your company does not possess a Gas Safety Certificate. If you cause a gas incident, you could also face civil damages or manslaughter charges.

You are also required to maintain gas installations in the same way that you would keep other equipment. It is important to ensure that the meter can be accessed, that gas is not contaminated and that flues are clean. Because flues may contain carbon monoxide which could cause respiratory problems and even death, it is crucial to ensure this.

You can obtain a Gas Safety Certificate for Commercial Property by calling Barnes Heating Services, who will provide you with the necessary advice and testing. You or your agent will receive certificates. Or, you can have them sent directly to yourself. They can also reissue lost certificates at any time. A Gas Safe engineer will inspect your commercial property to reduce the chance of an explosion.

A Gas Safe certificate is valid for 12 months. If your premises are being used for commercial purposes, it is advisable that you have your gas appliances and pipes tested on a yearly basis. It is also a good idea to have a separate contract with your landlord to ensure that your gas requirements are met.

The law also states that you need to have a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate on your property at all times. If you are renting your property, you should provide your tenant with a copy at the start of the tenancy. You should also keep track of all maintenance to gas pipes, just in case it is needed to be proven in court.

The best time to have your gas appliances and pipes checked is during annual maintenance. This will allow you to increase energy efficiency and reduce the chance of an explosion. If you do not have a Gas Safety Certificate, you could be subject to penalties or manslaughter charges.

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