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How to Become a Gas Service Engineer

Whether you want to work in gas engineering as a career or you are just looking to make a change, you need to be able to show off your skills. This can be done by applying for a new job, joining a professional organisation, or even by signing up to a training course.

The best way to learn about the different aspects of this career is to talk to someone who is currently working in the industry. A friend or relative who is a gas engineer can give you a sense of what the job is like.

Some of the most common tasks that gas engineers undertake include testing the pressure and flow settings of a gas boiler, repairing leaks in pipes, checking that the flue terminals and main injector are in good order, and checking that the burner is operating correctly. For these tasks, you might have to wear protective clothing or work at heights.

It is much easier than you think to get your feet in the door of the gas industry. There are apprenticeships available that allow you to gain a degree level qualification in just one year. You will receive extensive training by working as a part of an apprenticeship program.

You can also choose to take a managed learning program that is fast-tracked. This course is becoming increasingly popular and can give you a complete training qualification within 25 weeks. These programs do not require you to have previous knowledge. They are a great way to kickstart your career.

Gas engineering classes can be found in colleges. They are designed for domestic gas installation and have lower entry requirements that degree programs. However, you will need to prove your qualifications by taking the relevant GCSEs. English and math may be required. Alternatively, you can take a diploma in gas engineering. These courses can be completed in shorter time periods than full-time degrees, making them suitable for those who want to pursue a career in the short term.

For those who just started out in the field of gas engineering, it is important to have a keen eye for details. It is important to have a good understanding of how time works. You should be able to stay on top of your appointments and deliver a high standard of customer service. You will also have to be able to keep your work area clean.

Gas engineering is a booming industry, and there are opportunities for anyone with the right qualifications. An apprenticeship can be your first step. You could then move into a supervisory or self-employed position. You should keep in mind that the industry is constantly changing, and you might be able cross-skill to other trades.

You can jumpstart your career by joining the ACS program. There are many areas you can get certified in, including property maintenance, gas systems applications, gas work calculations and energy efficiency. You will need to perform these tasks both in private and tenanted homes.

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