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What is a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

A landlord gas safety certificate (Landlord Gas Safety Record) is a document which records a check of the safety of the appliances installed in a property. It includes a list of the appliances which have been tested and details of the pipework that has been checked. Within 28 days after the issue of the certificate, a copy should be sent to the tenant. Gas Safe certified engineers can issue a gas safety certificate to landlords.

After a Gas Safe engineer conducts a safety inspection of the property, the certificate will be issued. It includes the signature, date, registered number and name of the engineer. It also contains the result of any inspections and whether repairs have been made. If any defects are found, the repairs must be made in accordance with the regulations.

Gas Safety Certificates are required by law for landlords who rent out rental properties. Even if the property is only rented out for a short period of time, the landlord must ensure that the appliances are safe and not used improperly.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations require a landlord to carry out a gas safety check on their properties every 12 months. This is because poorly maintained gas appliances are a common cause of carbon monoxide poisoning. The standard penalty for breaching these rules is six months’ imprisonment. The landlord has several options, including a court order, advice from the local council or contact the Health and Safety Executive.

Depending on the property, a gas safety check can take as little as thirty to sixty minutes, though it may be more involved if repairs are needed. The landlord is responsible for inspecting the smoke alarms and fixing any broken or faulty alarms during the first day.

The Gas Safety Regulations require a landlord to arrange an annual inspection of all their gas appliances, including the meter. A Gas Safe engineer should conduct these inspections. He will inspect the chimneys and flues as well as other appliances. Gas Safe certificates are required in order to show that the system was checked. This will allow tenants to decide whether or not it is safe for them to use.

The landlord may renew the gas safety record prior to the expiry date but must keep the record valid. They can do this up to two months before the due date. The Landlord Gas Safety Record does not apply if the property has not been rented for at least one year. The renewal deadline is the end of the 12-month period.

According to the HSE Approved Code of Practice, landlords must comply with all laws. This includes arranging an annual gas inspection, maintaining a gas safety record and taking reasonable steps to ensure that ongoing maintenance is arranged. The landlord should also ensure the tenant is familiar with the regulations and has access to the checks.

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