21 Tools Every Plumber Needs

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  1. Gas meter box key – Every gas engineer needs one of these on their keychain. Although you can sometimes just completely lift the meter box off the meter by removing the 2-plastic clip on either side of the meter box. Life is much easier with one of these.
  2. Pipe cutters – very important to make sure you’ve always got these in hand for cutting copper pipe. You want these in 15mm, 22mm, 28mm and 35mm
  3. Hacksaw – Sometimes it a pipe cutter just doesn’t work because of the position of the pipe, when all else fails pull of your hacksaw. Very handy especially with pipes over 35mm
  4. Telescopic tube cutter – Very hand for cutter not just copper pipe but also steel pipes and can be easily adjusted to cut copper pipes over 2inch.
  5. Adjustable wrench – Don’t turn up to a job without one. Get these in all sized
  6. Grips – Again don’t turn up to work without good pair of grips.
  7. Plumber drain hose – This is one of the most important tool in any plumbers van. If your working on central heating systems of doing any kind of pipe, you will need to attach drain hose to drain cock to empty the system before starting work. Can’t survive with one.
  8. Self-cutting drain cock – Not sure who invented these but absolute life savers when you turn up to a job and there’s no drain cocks on the system. These little bad boys can be attached to a pipe and easily fitted to help you drain the system. Can be left in situ afterwards.
  9. Pipe benders – As a plumber you always want to create your best work and impress your customers, so when you get an opportunity to bend a pipe. Bend that bad boy.
  10. Adjustable pipe wrench or Stilton – You generally don’t need these if your working on small domestic installations. But if your walking into a commercial plumber installation without a pair of the largest Stilton ever made on the planet. Turn around and heard off home.
  11. Blow touch – Required for soldering copper pipe together + Flush + Brush
  12. Plunger – Get yourself a very good industrial plunger for your van. Do not turn up to a job with a plunger from poundland. Our more like to splash toilet water allover yourself and entire bathroom. And make sure your charging enough to unblock shit. If you can handle the smell of other peoples shit then your in the wrong job. Face-mask or filter doesn’t work.
  13. Radiator key – Required when bleeding radiators.
  14. Socket set
  15. Allenkey
  16. Drain snake – When a plunger fails, pull out you drain snake and shove this down the toilet of drain pipe to unblock the blockage.
  17. Knee pads – My knees are so sad after a few years of plumbing, no one tells you these when you first qualify. But do not rest your whole-body weight on your knees. WARNING
  18. Angle grinder
  19. Immersion heater spanner
  20. Vacuum cleaner
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