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What is a Business Energy Broker?
Business energy brokers are professionals who negotiate with energy suppliers to find you the best deal on your business’s energy. They also help you understand your energy needs and your options in the future.
Brokers are a vital component of the deregulated energy industry, as they act as a knowledgeable intermediary between your business and your supplier. They can save you time, money and stress.

These save you time
A Business utility broker is a service that will save you time by taking the hassle out of shopping for a new energy supplier. They are also equipped with the best deals from top suppliers across the country, saving you money in the process.
Choosing a good energy supplier is an essential part of running your business and can be a stressful and time-consuming task for any entrepreneur. 

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Utility costs can be one of the most significant expenses that business owners have to worry about. They can be difficult to navigate, requiring a lot of time and effort to determine which options are the most suitable for your business.
This process can be made easier by Business utility brokers. They can help you find the best possible deals that are tailored to your company and your budget.

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UK Commercial Energy Brokers

Commercial energy brokers are a great resource for business owners who want to save money on their utility bills. We can help you find the right deal for your business and handle all of the paperwork involved in switching suppliers. 

UK Business Energy Deals

Our energy brokers can help you negotiate the most favourable deal, navigate through the complicated business energy market and compare prices. They also help you secure a long-term contract that suits your company.

What is a Carbon Footprint and How Can We Reduce It?

The carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions emitted by an individual, company or country as a consequence of their activities. It includes direct emissions and energy use in production and consumption of goods or services.
Transport and heating, cooling, and cooking are two of the largest contributors to an individual’s carbon footprint. This is because fuel combustion produces nitrous oxide and methane, two of the most common greenhouse gasses. You can also affect your carbon footprint by choosing the right food. If you purchase small fruits that have been long-distance shipped from overseas, then the carbon dioxide produced in transport can increase your carbon footprint.
Electricity, made from fossil fuels, is also a big source of CO2 emissions. Switching to renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power can reduce a person’s carbon footprint. They require less electricity. Driving your car is another major contributor to a person’s carbon footprint. Choosing public transport, carpooling or walking to work can reduce your emissions significantly. The primary part of an individual’s carbon footprint in developed countries is made up of both transportation and energy. This is because cars, trucks and other vehicles need to be run with petrol or diesel that is derived from fossil fuels. These fuels are a major cause of climate change, and must be avoided. However, this is not easy to do at the present time.

We can also provide 100% renewable Energy Deals