Commercial Kitchen Fitters London

Commercial Kitchen Fitters London

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Commercial kitchen fitting

Suppose you want to refurbish or fully renovate your commercial kitchen, whether for a restaurant, cafe, takeaway, or other food service business. In that case, you will need a specialist contractor. A good kitchen fitter has the skills and experience to design and install your kitchen, so it is safe and functional.

Design and planning

Design and planning – We will sit down with you to design a kitchen tailored to your needs.

We’ll work with you to make sure it works for your business, and we can advise on how the space can be used most efficiently.

Customer consultation – We take great care when designing and planning your office kitchen to meet all your needs.

This includes considering the room’s layout, how many people will use it, what equipment they need access to, and if there are any special requirements (such as disabled access).

Drawing up a plan – Once our customer has given us the green light for their project, we draw up a graph showing where everything should go about each other (for example: where shelves will go relative to sinks or fridges). If something isn’t quite right, then we’re happy for customers at any point during this stage)

Estimating costs – Once everything is laid out on paper, we should start estimating costs based on materials needed and labor charges associated with fitting them into place.

Kitchen equipment

Kitchen equipment is a category that includes all the items used in a commercial kitchen. This can consist of sinks, dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators. Equipment may also have other devices, such as coffee machines or deep fryers. Kitchen equipment tends to be made of stainless steel or cast iron because these materials are strong enough for heavy use but don’t rust easily.


Ventilation is a critical part of any commercial kitchen. It’s essential to have the proper ventilation system for your space and one that fits with your budget and meets all necessary regulations.

Flooring, walls, and ceilings

Flooring is essential in any commercial kitchen because it can make or break the whole space. If you don’t get your flooring right, that will reflect poorly on your business and might turn away customers who feel like the quality isn’t good enough for them. There are many different, but we’d always recommend using wood over anything else unless you’re making an authentic Italian restaurant. Then maybe stone tiles are best suited.

Drainage and plumbing

Many commercial kitchens include plumbing and drainage, so it’s essential to consider this part of your budget. Plumbing and drainage are typically the most expensive part of a commercial kitchen. If you’re planning on installing at least half a dozen sinks and faucets throughout your space, then you may want to consider hiring a professional plumber to install them for you.

Commercial Gas and Commercial electrical services

A qualified electrician must install all gas and electrical services. The kitchen, and then must have these services in place before it can be installed.

      Electricity and gas fittings must be certified by a qualified electrician.

      Gas and electrical services must comply with local building code regulations.

Joinery and metalwork

The metalwork can be used to create various products for commercial kitchens, and it can be used to make shelving, storage solutions, ventilation systems, and more. Joinery describes wooden structures such as tables, benches, and cupboards.

Commercial kitchen fitting requires specialized design and installation.

Commercial kitchen fitting is a more complex process than domestic kitchen fitting. The design of commercial kitchens is more complex, and their installation requires more skills and expertise, which means that the cost of commercial kitchen fitting can be significantly higher than domestic.


It’s important to remember that the final product is only as good as the planning phase, so it’s worth investing time and energy into getting this right.

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Commercial Kitchen Fitter London

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