CP42 Gas safety Certificate

CP42 Gas Safety Certificate -


CP42 Gas safety Certificate
CP42 Gas safety Certificate

Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety

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cp42 gas Safety certificate

Commercial Catering Gas Safety Certificate


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CP42 Catering Gas Safety Certificate

  • UK Gas Plumbers provides a full range of CP42 gas safety certificate. Our friendly, knowledgeable team can assist with the kitchen upgrades, maintenance and installation of restaurant gas pipework, interlock system and certificated
  • We provide an efficient and friendly service and are always ready to answer any questions. We can also recommend methods to improve property safety and arrange for new equipment to be installed to maximize gas safety and efficiency.
  • In order to issue a valid cp42 Gas Safety Certificate, we need to carry out a series of tests. This includes: ensuring adequate ventilation, testing the device, checking for tampering or misuse, checking the pressure, checking the security components, and performing a number of additional security tasks.
  • Our dedicated catering gas engineers are available 24/7.
cp42 gas safety certificate

CP42 Commercial Catering Gas Safety Certificate 


Commercial Gas Safe Registration 582607

Legal Requirement and must be carried out every 12 months.

If you are in a hotel, pub, restaurant, cafe, or similar commercial kitchen and require cp42 gas safety certificate for commercial gas catering equipment certification, gas burners or hot storage water heaters. we can provide detailed commercial catering gas safety checks to suit your restaurant requirements. These can be entire building gas safety inspections, including restaurant cooking areas, kitchens, pipelines, boiler rooms, warehouses, manufacturing rooms, gas meter rooms, production lines and more.

Whatever you require a restaurant gas safety certificate or a gas interlock system installation to bring your establishment to current standards. For whatever type of property you are in, we are confident that we can provide you with a personalized quotation of your commercial catering gas certificate at a very competitive price.

CP42 Gas Safety certificate is issued every year by a Registered Gas Safety Engineer and applies to all gas appliances and installations in your Restaurant kitchen. These certifications are specifically designed for commercial kitchens. Usually this:


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Fast and reliable service, Ernest carried out a commercial gas certificate at our warehouse. He found a small gas leak on our installation but fix it right away at no additional cost. something just needed tightening. Excellent service.
commercial gas safety certificate
Philipin John
Excellent boiler service from a very polite gentleman. Highly recommended..
commercial gas safety
Maria Maya

CP42 Frequently Asked Questions

A CP42 commercial gas safety certificate is a document that verifies that a gas installation and appliances within a commercial premises are safe to use.

Businesses that use gas appliances, such as restaurants, hotels, and warehouses, should have a CP42 certificate.

Your CP42 certificate must be renewed annually.

A qualified and registered gas safe engineer can issue a CP42 certificate.

The cost of a CP42 certificate may vary depending on the size of the commercial premises and the number of appliances that must be checked.

The length of time it takes to conduct a CP42 inspection depends on the size of the commercial premise and the number of appliances that need to be checked.

A CP42 inspection involves inspecting all gas appliances, pipework, and flues to ensure they are safe and operating efficiently.

No, a CP42 inspection can only be performed by a qualified and registered gas safe engineer.

Without a CP42 certificate, businesses can face fines, legal action, and insurance claims may be invalidated.

It is illegal to use gas appliances within a commercial premises without a valid CP42 safety certificate.

If you are dissatisfied with the results of a CP42 inspection, you can contact the certifying body or the gas safe register.

If you fail a CP42 inspection, you must address the problems identified by the gas safe engineer and schedule a re-inspection.

You can contact the gas safe engineer who performed the inspection and request a copy of the certificate.

A CP42 certificate is usually issued within a week of the inspection being carried out.

Gas safe engineers will have a unique registration number on their ID card, which you can verify on the gas safe register.

It may be possible to arrange a CP42 inspection outside of business hours, but this will need to be discussed with the gas safe engineer.

No, each commercial premise must have its own CP42 certificate.

You can prepare for a CP42 inspection by ensuring that all gas appliances are accessible, and that records of previous inspections and repairs are available.

No, gas appliances should never be used if a fault is suspected as this can pose a significant safety risk.

Newly installed gas appliances should be inspected within the first 12 months of use and a CP42 certificate issued.

You can search the gas safe register or ask for recommendations from other businesses in your industry.
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