Emergency Gas Leak Repairs in London

Emergency Gas Leak Repair in London and Surrey

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Emergency Gas Leak Repairs in London
Emergency Gas Leak Repairs in London

Expert Gas Leak Repair for Homes and Businesses

In the bustling city of London, natural gas remains a cornerstone for both residential and commercial properties. It is essential for heating, hot water, and a myriad of industrial processes. However, the interconnected nature of gas pipelines and the potential for corrosion mean that gas leaks are an ever-present risk. At some point, every gas supply pipeline may develop a leak, which can pose severe risks to life and property if not promptly addressed.

Recognizing a Gas Leak

Gas leaks can occur unexpectedly and might go unnoticed for some time. The presence of a gas leak is often indicated by a strong, pungent odor similar to rotten eggs or a loud hissing sound near gas appliances or pipework. If you suspect a gas leak, it is crucial to act immediately:

  • For gas leaks in the street: Call the National Gas Emergency Service at 0800 111 999.
  • For gas leaks in your home or business: Contact a professional heating and plumbing company that is Gas Safe registered like UK Gas Plumbers.

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Residential and Commercial Gas Leak Repairs

We cater to both residential and commercial clients, delivering safe and efficient repair solutions tailored to your needs.

Routine Maintenance and Inspections

Regular maintenance and inspection services designed to prevent gas leaks and maintain system efficiency.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing:

Our initial leak detection service is priced from £120 + VAT for the first hour for residential clients and commercial from £150+vat. Should additional parts or extended time be required, we offer a fixed-price quotation upfront, ensuring no hidden costs.

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Understanding Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can occur unexpectedly, and without prompt attention, they can lead to dangerous situations such as explosions or poisoning. Natural gas is odorless, but a chemical called mercaptan is added to give it a distinctive rotten egg smell, making it easier to detect leaks. Here are some common signs of a gas leak:

  • Strong Odor: The most recognizable sign is the smell of rotten eggs.
  • Hissing Sounds: A hissing or whistling sound near gas lines or appliances.
  • Physical Symptoms: Dizziness, headaches, nausea, or breathing difficulties.
  • Dead Vegetation: Unexplained dead or dying plants around your property.
  • Increased Gas Bills: A sudden spike in your gas bills can indicate a leak.

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Immediate Actions for Gas Leaks in Your Property

  1. Open Windows and Doors: Allow gas to escape and improve ventilation.
  2. Extinguish Flames: Do not use open flames or ignite anything.
  3. Avoid Electrical Appliances: Do not switch on/off any electrical appliances.
  4. Shut Off the Gas Supply: Turn off the gas at the main valve, typically located near the gas meter.
  5. Evacuate the Property: Leave the premises and ensure everyone is safe
Emergency Gas Leak Repairs in London

Gas Leak Repiar Checklist

Gas Leak Repair Checklist

1. Evacuate the area immediately.
2. Open windows and doors for ventilation.
3. Shut off the main gas supply valve.
4. Contact the National Gas Emergency Service (0800 111 999) for severe leaks.
5. Wear protective gear (gloves, goggles, masks).
6. Use gas detection equipment to locate the leak. (Gas Safe Engineer Only)
7. Apply a soap solution to joints and connections to check for bubbles (Gas Safe Engineer Only).
8. Replace damaged or corroded components and Issue Gas Certificate on completion
9. Retest with gas detector and soap solution to ensure no leaks on pipework or meter test point.
10. Restore gas supply and Relight all gas appliances.

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