How I quit my job and built a successful plumbing business in just 2 years.

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Follow these 3 step to quit your job and start your own business.

Step 1. Master your trade or profession.

Chose a trade such as plumbing, electrical, painting, decorating or something your passionate about if your thinking of starting your business. I did just that 3 years ago and decided to spend my entire savings on a plumbing and heating qualification. I had no prior handyman experience and had never held a adjustable wrench. I spent a lot time watching YouTube video by plumberparts and bought a lot of plumbing books to take myself from basic to advance in a matter of weeks. Self education is very important when running your own business and having in-depth knowledge of your niche will make you in-disposable by your customers and competitors. Almost 40% of my all business comes by recommendation/referral from other plumbing and electrical companies who value my expertise, knowledge and qualification. So remember to Study, learn and earn.

Step 2. Learn to build a websiteunder £100.

In the 3 years that I have been in business, I have had over 30 different websites. I have used go daddy website builders, wix, square and many more website builder templates. It took me a very long time to find the right logo for my business and the right website template. But if I had chosen to a web designer to build my website it would have cost upwards of £500. I spent less than £50 on each website template I purchased until I found something that suited my brand identity and had a good conversation rate.

But failure has been best teacher and has taught me very valuable lessons. Again YouTube has played a massive part in teaching me how to build website with WordPress and read HTML confidently. Also don’t be scared to learn programming languages html, php, sql etc. Am not a professional at coding but a quick 30 minutes video on YouTube can give you the basic skills required to run a successful online business. Spend 30 minutes watching YouTube to carry a simple 5 minute task or use Do not use a website developer and fork out thousands for a website that doesn’t convert. Not every website is a good website and also developer are using the same website template you will be using and most likely also using

Fiverr is very good website for finding very cheap developers and designers for $5 per task. And 123rf is very good for sourcing online images. If your just starting your business or thinking about it then hop over to fiverr after you’ve found a theme. Once you have all your content and images ready post an advert or buy a gig sit back and relax.

Step 3. Learn to advertise your business

So now you’ve built your website for chosen business and now you need to find some customers. There are a lot of content online which will guide you towards landing your first ever customer and making that initial first sale. There are many ways ways of advertising you business online. Here’s just a few.

Google my business

Google business directory – Free registration

Bing local

Bing directory- free registration

Directory listing

Find free directories for niche online and list your business

Build do-follow backlink

Backlink will help to rank your business on the first page of google

Onsite SEO optimisation

Your business is invisible if your website is not optimised for SEO. Visit fiverr and hire a specialist for $5

Keyword research for your niche

Pay $5 for keyword research on fiverr and build backings to these keywords

Guest post and comment

Find blogs online with similar content and leave a comment to rank your site higher.

Next week.

I will shed some light on exactly how I’ve managed to rank my plumbing business no1 on google for multiple keywords. As a small business I struggle to carry out some of the projects I win and occasionally have to turn down work. I now employ 2 more staff but am still very much overwhelmed with new customers daily. Some companies try their hardest to find/sell maintenance and servicing contracts. I have customer offering me maintenance contract which I turn down. Not interested. I enjoy a good consistent flow of new customers, return customers and recommendations.

Stay turned for more.

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