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Discover the efficiency and reliability of Lochinvar boilers for residential and commercial heating needs. With innovative design and state-of-the-art features, Lochinvar is the trusted solution for consistent heat and hot water. Upgrade your heating system with Lochinvar Boiler today!

Lochinvar Boiler is an exceptional piece of technology that epitomizes efficiency and reliability, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial heating needs. This cutting-edge boiler effortlessly combines innovative design with advanced functionality, ensuring optimal performance and unparalleled comfort. With its state-of-the-art features and superior craftsmanship, Lochinvar Boiler stands out as a trusted solution for providing consistent heat and hot water, perfect for any modern household or business.


Introduction to Lochinvar Boiler

Lochinvar Boiler is a leading brand in the heating and hot water industry, offering a wide range of high-quality boilers for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With a strong focus on innovation, reliability, and energy efficiency, Lochinvar boilers have become synonymous with excellence in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a condensing boiler, non-condensing boiler, or combi boiler, Lochinvar has the perfect solution to meet your heating needs.

History of Lochinvar Boiler

Established in 1919, Lochinvar has a rich history that spans over a century. The company’s commitment to delivering superior products has propelled it to become a trusted name in the heating industry. Lochinvar’s innovative and energy-efficient solutions have earned them numerous industry accolades and certifications, cementing their position as a market leader. With a strong emphasis on research and development, Lochinvar continues to pioneer new technologies and advancements in boiler technology.

Features and Benefits of Lochinvar Boiler

Lochinvar boilers are packed with features that set them apart from the competition. These cutting-edge features not only enhance comfort and convenience but also contribute to significant energy savings. Some of the key benefits of Lochinvar boilers include:

  • High energy efficiency: Lochinvar boilers boast impressive efficiency ratings, ensuring that your heating system operates at optimal levels while minimizing energy wastage.
  • Advanced control system: Lochinvar boilers offer intuitive control systems that allow for precise temperature settings and programming, giving you full control over your heating system.
  • Durability and reliability: With their robust construction and high-quality components, Lochinvar boilers are built to withstand the test of time, providing years of reliable service.
  • Versatile installation options: Lochinvar boilers are designed to be versatile and flexible in installation, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and system designs.
  • Reduced carbon emissions: Lochinvar boilers incorporate innovative technologies to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental sustainability.

Types of Lochinvar Boilers

Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers are the most popular choice for those looking for high efficiency and lower energy bills. Lochinvar’s range of condensing boilers utilizes advanced heat exchanger technology to extract more heat from the flue gases, resulting in improved energy efficiency. These boilers are designed to operate with a lower flue gas temperature, allowing for condensation of the water vapor present in the flue gases. This condensation process releases additional heat, which is captured by the heat exchanger, further increasing efficiency.

Non-Condensing Boilers

Non-condensing boilers are a traditional choice for heating applications. While they may not offer the same level of energy efficiency as condensing boilers, they are still a reliable and cost-effective option. Lochinvar’s non-condensing boilers are known for their durability and robust performance. These boilers are an excellent choice for applications where the installation of a condensing boiler may not be feasible or necessary.

Combi Boilers

Combi boilers, also known as combination boilers, are versatile units that provide both heating and hot water on demand. Lochinvar’s range of combi boilers is designed to deliver hot water at mains pressure, eliminating the need for a separate hot water storage tank. This compact and efficient solution is especially popular in residential applications, where space-saving and energy efficiency are essential.

Key Components of Lochinvar Boiler

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a vital component of a Lochinvar boiler, responsible for transferring heat from the burner flame to the water within the system. Lochinvar boilers feature high-quality heat exchangers that ensure maximum heat transfer efficiency, resulting in optimal performance and energy savings.


The burner is responsible for igniting and combusting the fuel within the boiler, producing the necessary heat for space heating or hot water production. Lochinvar uses advanced burner technology in their boilers, promoting efficient and clean combustion. This ensures that fuel is burned thoroughly, minimizing emissions and maximizing energy efficiency.

Control System

Lochinvar boilers are equipped with advanced control systems that allow users to monitor and adjust various parameters to achieve optimal comfort and energy efficiency. These control systems offer features such as temperature control, programmable schedules, and fault diagnostics, providing users with complete control over their heating system.


The pump is a critical component that circulates the heated water throughout the system, ensuring proper distribution of heat. Lochinvar boilers are equipped with high-quality pumps that deliver reliable performance and efficient water circulation, guaranteeing even heat distribution and improved comfort.

Expansion Vessel

An expansion vessel is an essential part of a boiler system, responsible for accommodating the expansion and contraction of water within the system as it heats up and cools down. Lochinvar boilers incorporate durable expansion vessels that help maintain optimal pressure levels and prevent damage to the system.

Flue System

The flue system is responsible for safely venting the combustion gases produced by the boiler to the outside environment. Lochinvar boilers are designed with efficient flue systems that ensure the safe and effective removal of flue gases, minimizing the risk of carbon monoxide leakage and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Installation of Lochinvar Boiler

Planning and Preparation

Before installing a Lochinvar boiler, proper planning and preparation are essential. This includes assessing the heating requirements, determining the correct boiler size, and identifying any necessary system modifications. Proper planning ensures a smooth installation process and maximizes the performance and efficiency of the boiler.

Sizing and System Design

Correct sizing of the boiler is crucial to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Lochinvar provides sizing tools and resources to help determine the appropriate boiler size for a specific application based on factors such as heat loss calculations, insulation levels, and desired comfort levels. Additionally, careful system design, including proper piping and zoning, is essential to ensure optimal heat distribution and efficiency.

Installation Process

The installation of a Lochinvar boiler should be carried out by a qualified and experienced professional. The installation process involves connecting the boiler to the heating system and domestic hot water supply, ensuring proper pipe connections and electrical wiring. It is important to follow Lochinvar’s installation instructions and guidelines to ensure a safe and effective installation.

Ventilation and Flueing

Proper ventilation and flueing are critical for the safe operation of a Lochinvar boiler. Adequate air supply is essential for combustion, while proper flueing ensures the effective removal of flue gases. Lochinvar provides guidance on ventilation and flueing requirements, including recommended clearances and terminations, to guarantee compliance with safety regulations and ensure optimal performance.

Commissioning and Testing

After the installation is complete, it is important to commission and test the boiler to ensure proper functioning and performance. This includes verifying proper operation of all components, adjusting system settings, and performing safety checks. Lochinvar provides detailed commissioning procedures to guide installers through this important step.

Maintenance and Servicing

Regular Maintenance Tasks

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the continued performance and longevity of a Lochinvar boiler. Some routine maintenance tasks include checking and cleaning the heat exchanger, inspecting and cleaning the burner, monitoring system pressure, and ensuring proper water treatment. Lochinvar provides comprehensive maintenance instructions in their product literature to guide users through these tasks.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Like any mechanical system, Lochinvar boilers may experience occasional issues or malfunctions. Common issues can include ignition failures, heating or hot water supply problems, or error codes displayed on the control panel. Lochinvar’s product literature provides troubleshooting guides to help users identify and resolve common issues. In cases where professional assistance is required, Lochinvar’s technical support team is available to provide guidance.

Annual Servicing and Safety Checks

To ensure the safety and optimal performance of the boiler, it is recommended to have an annual servicing carried out by a qualified heating engineer. Annual servicing involves a thorough inspection and cleaning of the boiler, testing of safety devices, and verification of system performance. Regular servicing helps identify potential issues before they escalate and ensures compliance with safety regulations.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

High Efficiency Ratings

Lochinvar boilers are known for their high energy efficiency ratings, which reflect the amount of heat produced compared to the amount of fuel consumed. High-efficiency boilers can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills, making them an environmentally responsible choice.

Modulating Technology

Lochinvar boilers often incorporate modulating technology, which allows the boiler to adjust its output based on the heating demand. This ensures that the boiler operates at optimal levels regardless of the heating load, minimizing energy wastage and enhancing overall efficiency.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

By utilizing advanced combustion and heat transfer technologies, Lochinvar boilers help reduce carbon emissions. The efficient combustion of fuel and the capture of additional heat from the flue gases contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions, promoting a greener and more sustainable environment.

Warranty and After-Sales Support

Warranty Coverage

Lochinvar offers a comprehensive warranty on their boilers, providing peace of mind to customers and ensuring protection against manufacturing defects. The warranty coverage period may vary depending on the specific boiler model, but Lochinvar’s commitment to quality means that their boilers are built to last.

Registration Process

To activate the warranty, it is important to register the Lochinvar boiler after installation. The registration process is straightforward and can usually be done online through Lochinvar’s website. Registration ensures that the warranty coverage is valid and facilitates quick resolution of any potential issues.

Technical Support and Service

Lochinvar prides itself on providing excellent after-sales support and technical assistance. In case of any technical queries or issues, Lochinvar’s dedicated customer service and technical support teams are available to assist. Whether it’s troubleshooting a problem or providing guidance on servicing and maintenance, Lochinvar’s technical support is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Safety Features

Flame Supervision Device

Lochinvar boilers are equipped with flame supervision devices that monitor the presence and quality of the burner flame. If the flame is extinguished for any reason, the device automatically shuts off the fuel supply, preventing the buildup of unburned fuel and avoiding potentially hazardous situations.

Overheat Safety Thermostat

To prevent the boiler from overheating and possibly causing damage, Lochinvar boilers incorporate overheat safety thermostats. These thermostats monitor the temperature within the boiler and activate a safety shutdown in case of excessive heat, ensuring safe operation and preventing component failure.

Pressure Relief Valve

A pressure relief valve is a critical safety device that protects the boiler from excessive pressure buildup. Lochinvar boilers are equipped with high-quality pressure relief valves that automatically release excess pressure from the system, preventing potential damage to the boiler or surrounding components.

Frost Protection

In colder climates, frost protection is crucial to prevent freezing and damage to the boiler. Lochinvar boilers incorporate frost protection features that automatically activate when the external temperature drops, ensuring the boiler remains operational and protecting it from freezing conditions.

Advantages of Lochinvar Boilers

Reliability and Durability

Lochinvar boilers are built to last, incorporating high-quality components and robust construction. Their reputation for reliability and durability makes them a trusted choice for heating professionals and end-users alike.

Advanced Control and Monitoring

Lochinvar boilers offer advanced control systems that provide users with precise control over their heating systems. The ability to adjust temperature settings, program schedules, and monitor performance enhances comfort and energy efficiency.

Flexible Installation Options

Whether it’s a condensing, non-condensing, or combi boiler, Lochinvar offers a range of options to suit diverse installation requirements. The flexibility of Lochinvar boilers ensures that there is a suitable solution for every heating need.

Applications of Lochinvar Boilers

Residential Heating

Lochinvar boilers are widely used in residential heating applications, providing efficient and reliable heating solutions for single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums. The versatility and energy efficiency of Lochinvar boilers ensure optimal comfort and reduced energy costs for homeowners.

Commercial Buildings

From office complexes to retail spaces, Lochinvar boilers are a popular choice for commercial heating applications. Their high energy efficiency ratings and advanced control systems make them an ideal solution for maintaining comfortable and cost-effective heating in commercial buildings of all sizes.

Industrial Facilities

Lochinvar boilers are also well-suited for industrial heating applications. Whether it’s providing process heat for manufacturing facilities or maintaining consistent temperatures in warehouses, Lochinvar boilers deliver reliable and efficient performance in demanding industrial environments.

In conclusion, Lochinvar boilers offer a comprehensive range of options that meet the heating needs of various applications. With their advanced features, energy efficiency ratings, and safety features, Lochinvar boilers are a reliable and durable choice for residential, commercial, and industrial heating systems. The commitment to innovation and customer support has established Lochinvar as a trusted and respected brand in the heating industry.

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