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Lochinvar Commercial Boiler Service + Repair

Lochinvar is an international leader in the manufacture of large-efficiency commercial boilers and fire pump for residential, industrial and commercial markets. Lochinvar, along with its sister companies, offers one of industry’s most extensive product lines, including water heaters and air-to-water heat pump, condensing boilers and underfloor heating systems.

Lochinvar’s history: dates back to 1919, when its founder Walter Vallett Sr. entered the Water Heater industry. He was an early pioneer in history, having helped to develop the first gas-fired water heaters.

Lochinvar Commercial Boiler Installation & Service & Repair

Lochinvar Commercial Boiler Installation, Service & Repair. London-based company that specializes in servicing and repairing commercial boilers. They will ensure that your system is properly sized for its purpose and location so it can perform flawlessly for many years to come.

Industry-leading boilers

We service and install many of the industry’s best Lochinvar commercial boilers. High-Efficiency Condensing hot water boilers are engineered to maximize efficiency, reliability and longevity using advanced engineering techniques. In some cases, the advanced design is up to 30% more efficient than traditional hot water boilers. The boilers also have an automatic start/stop system, which allows for up to 15% energy savings.

High Efficiency Condensing Hotwater Boilers

Stainless steel exchangers up to 99% efficiency. You can choose from sizes ranging from 50kW up to 500kW. You can choose from a variety of outputs and outputs.


Wall Mounted Condensing Heating Boilers 

Condensing boilers that are wall mounted can be used as replacements for older boilers. This space-saving boiler is perfect for retrofit/replacement projects and can be installed in existing buildings. They can be used in a variety of commercial settings, such as hotels, hospitals and offices, or schools. Condensing boilers that are wall-mounted can be used in many locations such as replacement installations or new builds, basements, or mezzanines.

Lochinvar Commercial Boiler Installation London

It is important to understand the key differences between the products if you are looking for a Lochinvar Commercial Boiler Installer in London. We are passionate about providing high-quality products, services, solutions, and support for our customers. We are always available to provide the information you need to make informed decisions about your project. Whether it’s a commercial boiler installation in London, or any other heating system. Our experience is over 20 years and we are experts in Lochinvar commercial boiler installation and servicing.


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Moreover, our expert staff is extremely friendly and cooperative, so whenever you have a problem, or you want a few changes to the work done, you can go ahead and ask for it. Our staff is extremely flexible and believe in fulfilling all the necessary requirements needed until you are satisfied. It is our customer satisfaction that matters the most to us.

Lochinvar Boiler Service + Repair

Industrial gas installer services for boiler installation, maintenance and repair. Our services will be at your door in a matter of minutes, you do not need to wait for anyone to do your job. Call us and have our experts at your building in in a matter of hours. 

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