Commercial and Residential Boiler Service


Boiler Service and Repairs


Most houses have boilers that are installed to help supply hot water and steam for use inside of them. Having a reliable boiler that you can depend on is good but it needs to be regularly serviced and well maintained for its efficiency. This is why regular checks on a boiler system that is installed in your house can really go a long way to ensure all its components are working pretty well.


Conducting an annual boiler service can help prevent potential risks and hazards that a faulty boiler poses to a home’s occupants. Well maintained boiler systems are usually highly effective and will help the home owner keep his/her energy bills to a minimum. With UK Gas Plumbers you can only expect quality boiler service, repair and maintenance. With us you can be rest assured that you will be getting the most reliable boiler service, repairs and maintenance. We will help make your house safe to live in by conducting thorough boiler system inspections and give you recommendations as to what needs to be changed, service or replaced.


Potential problems that can be detected


Conducting regular boiler services is just similar to the regular car servicing and can help you detect problems that may be lurking in the system. Qualified boiler engineers from UK Gas Plumbers are highly skilled and trained to perform routine inspection of building boiler systems to detect any potential problems. The engineers will then work to repair the fault to avoid any disruptions that may occur in the future.


With proper maintenance, repair and regular service, you can be rest assured that you will avoid the problem of boiler breakdown. You definitely don’t want to wait until your home’s central heating system breaks down for you to have it repaired.


Reasons for you to have your boiler serviced and repaired


To save lives; faulty boilers are really dangerous to a house’s occupants and government statistics show that each year many people get hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from leaking boilers. These are chilling statistics that are real but with a qualified boiler engineer from a reputable company like UK Gas Plumbers lives can be saved. Our boiler engineers are certified to be gas safe and are licensed to perform boiler service and repair works.


Help to save your energy bills; a qualified and experienced boiler engineer such the ones we have here at UK Gas Plumbers will ensure that your boiler is running smoothly and efficiently. When the boiler is working at an optimum you get to save big on your energy expenditure and therefore focus your resources on other important things that your family needs.


You will save money on boiler replacements; when you service your boiler on a regular basis there are chances that potential faults that could damage the whole unit will be detected and repaired. This will in effect save you the hassle of having to buy a whole unit which may be quite expensive for you. This is why it is important for you to engage qualified boiler engineers who are experienced in their job like the engineers we have here at UK Gas Plumbers.


An ensure the validity of your insurance


A number of home or business insurance policies require that you ensure that your boiler is safe to use. With proper boiler service conducted at least once annually will help meet your insurance’s policy requirement.


Help you to stay legal (for businesses)


In the UK businesses are required to legally keep their gas, LPG, and oil appliances & installations well maintained and safe to use and also must provide a gas safe certificate for gas boilers.