Commercial Gas Safety Certificate


commercial gas safety certificate
Commercial gas safety certificate

Commercial Gas Safety Certificate

A commercial gas safety certificate is a legal document that confirm any commercial gas appliances in a large residential of commercial premises has passed all the legal requirement for a gas safety installation. It is a legal requirement that all commercial gas appliance is checked and tested annually. And the results of the gas safety check is recorded on the correct gas safe sheet.

Does a landlord have to provide a commercial gas safety certificate?

It is a legal requirement that landlords of commercial premises must arrange for a commercial gas engineer to attend and carry out the necessary annual commercial gas safety check up. It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure this is carried out every 12 months. Records must be kept for 4 years.

Do businesses need a gas safety certificate?

Yes. Businesses will require a commercial gas safety certificate if there is a commercial gas appliance installed at the business premises. A business gas safety check can be either a CP42 commercial gas safety certificate for restaurant, hotels and businesses with a catering installation. And a CP15 commercial servicing and commissioning for commercial heating installation.

Do homeowners need a gas safety certificate?

No. This is not a legal requirement for homeowners to have an annual gas safety certificate. But we recommend a regular boiler service and gas safety check up to ensure that you and your family gas safe.

How long does a commercial gas safety certificate last?

A gas safety inspection must be carried out every 12 months or before the last certificate expires.

Do I need a gas safety certificate when selling my house or business?

You are not required to provide a gas certificate when selling a property, but we strongly advise on requesting a gas certificate from the seller when buying a property. This could save you a fortune or help to reduce the purchase price if any costly problem is found.

Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety CP42 Certificates?

A CP42 gas certificate can only be issued by a commercial gas engineer with the required commercial catering gas certification on his or her license. This information can the found on the national gas safe register.

This CP42 certificates are specifically designed for kitchens and catering establishments only such as restaurants, fast food, mobile catering, school kitchens and industrial cooking establishment. It is a legal requirement that a gas safety interlock system is fitted in a commercial catering establishment with an emergency stop button located at the exit of the kitchen. This interlock control panel must be interlocked with the extraction system of the kitchen and incorporated that there is no gas supply is the extraction system is off. For schools an additional carbon dioxide detector is also required as part of the gas safety interlock system.

CP1 Gas Safety Record

CP2 Leisure Landlord’s Gas Safety Record (bbq fire etc)

CP3 Chimney, Fireplace and Hearth Commissioning safety Record

CP4 Gas Safety visual Inspection

CP6 Gas Servicing and Maintenance Checklist

CP8 Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Commissioning and Inspection 

CP9 Visual inspection and Risk Assessment of Gas Installation and appliances

CP10 Contract for Gas Works

CP11 Solar Thermal Commissioning Certificate

CP12 Landlord and Home Owner Gas Safety Certificate 

CP13 Ground Source Heat Pump Commissioning and installation Certificate

CP14 Warning – Advice Notice (at risk and immediately dangerous incidents)

CP15 Commercial Boiler Commissioning and Servicing 

CP16 Commercial Gas installation Testing and Purging

CP17 Gas Installation Safety report (Non-Domestic)

CP19 Invoice

CP20 Central Heating Commissioning – Inspection Record

CP22 Minor Electrical Works on gas installation Certificate

CP26 Fumes Investigation Report

CP32 Gas tightness Testing and Purge – residential installation

CP33 Commissioning of main Water Pipe

CP34 Central Heating power flushing Record

CP40 Bathroom refurbishment Quality Check

CP41 Combined Pressure Test Record

CP42 Commercial Catering kitchen Gas certificate 

So which landlords need these certificates?

All landlords who have rented out properties that have gas appliances are required to provide gas safety certificates to their tenants. At UK Gas Plumbers we issue residential and commercial (LPG and natural gas) Landlord Gas safety certificates for:

  • Private rentals which may include homes, flats, hotels, offices etc.
  • We provide certificates, commissioning and servicing for Factories, Manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, vineyards, churches and many more
  • Catering establishments restaurants and fast food mobile catering van which requires a special LPG commercial gas certificate
  • Properties with B&B accommodation.
  • Holiday homes.
The most commonly used gas safety certificates are CP12 landlord gas certificates, CP17 commercial boiler servicing and CP42 commercial catering gas safety certificate.