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We provide 24 hours commercial plumber for business, large premises and residential homes with light commercial plumbing systems. our plumbers are experienced commercial plumbers with over 20 years field expertise and knowledge. We are specialist commercial plumbing and heating company based in surrey and cover all of london. 

If your plumbing installation is old, it’s also possible that the pipes or pieces coming into your home won’t fit properly with modern fixtures. A residential plumber, find it difficult to know how to resolve these problems and possible cause more problems. As commercial plumber, we’re familiar with large pipes and other materials that have been used at various times in the area. We know how to create secure connections between your internal piping and your brand new fixtures. We can thread, screw and weld pipework.  

Here are just a few of the features that our London Plumber would be pleased to make sure are properly installed in your home:  

Boilers: boilers are particularly tricky to install because they often involve hooking up both gas and water. They have to be carefully placed so that they are a safe distance from other obstructions, or they can become a fire hazard. If water doesn’t run through them properly, the boiler could be at risk of exploding. While the adventurous homeowner might try and install a new faucet or other similar fittings, a boiler must always be installed by a trained London plumber and gas engineer.  

Bathtubs and showers: When installing bathtubs or showers, especially if they are replacements, having a London plumber complete the work is ideal. First, we’re going to do it more quickly because we have more experience. Second, if you’re not careful, you can damage the sub-floor, the walls, and the surrounding tile.  

Concealed toilets: These toilets are a fashionable and aesthetically pleasing addition to the modern bathroom. Installing them is absolutely a job for the professional London plumber since they are more complicated than traditional toilets.  

Hand basins and taps: While installing a single hand basin or tap may not be too much of a project, installing enough to outfit a commercial building can be both time consuming and frustrating. And like other plumbing projects, proper installation is necessary to avoid damaging leaks down the road.  

Pipes and drains: Of all the potential plumbing projects in homes and commercial locations, pipes and drains may be the most important of all. After all, if pipes are improperly installed, there will eventually be breaks and flooding; if drains aren’t properly installed, they will eventually back up, and there will be damage. To maintain proper insurance coverage, a safe environment, and to avoid paying unnecessary fees due to damage, hiring a quality London plumber to install pipes and drains where needed is an appropriate expense.  

In the modern world, we like to think that a few internet tutorials and YouTube videos can give us all the information we need to take on all sorts of projects around the home. While this is true for hanging a picture, fixing a basic computer problem, or even repairing a damaged wall, trying to take on plumbing problems on your own can cause massive damage. Instead of trying to do it yourself, let the professionals handle the installation. In the long run, you will save yourself money.  

Why choose our London Plumbers?

At UK Plumbers, we have a fully staffed team of engineers who are familiar with the ins and outs of plumbing installation. We can quickly assess what is needed to fit new fixtures to older plumbing, and we can make sure that there is minimal damage caused when we replace larger items like boilers, bathtubs, and showers. 

guaranteed for twelve months.  

We have a five-star rating on GOOGLE MY BUSINESS. We place the highest priority on using the best parts and the highest quality tools. Whether you’re installing something new in your home or your business, making sure that it is properly installed is key. Poor installation is a problem with anything, but with plumbing fixtures, pipes, and drains, the potential for serious physical damage is catastrophic. If you don’t follow proper, professional procedures to install fixtures, your building may not be properly up to code. That can affect your ability to make a claim on your insurance scheme.  

If you’re looking for a high-quality London plumber to install new fixtures in your home or business, contact UK Gas Plumbers. We are available year round and are ready to offer you the highest quality service and skill to complete your installation. 

Contact us today to get a free estimate on your commercial or home plumbing installation.  

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24 hour emergency plumber 

Not all water-related emergencies happen during regular working hours. While it would be more convenient for everyone if burst pipes, indoor floods, and other emergencies happened during the day, that’s just not how things go sometimes. At UK Gas Plumbers, we’re available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. In most situations, we will have someone dispatched to your location for your emergency service within 45 minutes.  

Sometimes a plumbing related emergency can wait until the next available maintenance appointment, but sometimes, an immediate response is necessary. Here are just a few of the emergencies our London Plumber handle regularly that couldn’t wait.  

Badly clogged sink: In most situations, a slow drain is just annoying. Even a stopped drain is usually something that the average homeowner can try to manage on their own or something that can at least wait until morning. But sometimes, a sink clog can stop water flow throughout the entire house. This can keep an entire household from functioning, and put the house at risk for flooding.  

Badly clogged toilet: Like a badly clogged sink, a clogged toilet is annoying, and there are several DIY fixes that most homeowners will try. But sometimes there seems to be a problem farther down the line that a simple plunger can’t get to. When there are real problems, raw sewage can flow back into the home, which is both disgusting and an incredible health hazard.  

Broken water lines outside the home: tree roots and improper digging are the two most common causes of broken water pipes outside the home. Depending on how the pipes have broken, there could be flooding inside the home, a slowing or total stop of water flow to the inside of the house, or damage to the yard as water flow piles up instead of being drained into the sewer.  

No hot water: Waking up to nothing but cold water is frustrating but quickly becomes a more serious problem. Cold water can be a sign there’s something seriously wrong with a water heater, boiler, or another component of the home’s heating system. Having it looked at immediately is key.  

Burst pipes: Every homeowner’s nightmare is waking up to water flooding out of the walls or ceiling from a burst pipe. Rushing water can cause incredible damage to a home very quickly. It’s crucial that all homeowners know where the main water shutoff is to their home, and even more important that they immediately call UK Plumbers to get help with setting the home back in order.  

How do we help with your plumbing emergencies?

As soon as we get to your home, we’ll look with you at what’s happening. Once we understand the main problem – water stopped, no hot water, flooding, and so on – we can begin to look for the source of the problem. We are thorough in our assessment. Pipes rarely break for no reason, for example; a pipe that bursts in the middle may have broken due to corrosion, which makes it important to look for other weak spots. Pipes that break at joints may be rattling in the walls. This is caused by loose attachment points. Joints are usually more securely attached, however, than regular piping, and the movement of the loose pipe against the tight joint can slowly weaken the metal. This can cause the pipe to burst.  

Once we have an idea of what’s wrong, we’ll provide you with a free estimate of the cost of repair. You can decide whether or not to move forward with the work at that time.  

Why work with UK Gas Plumbers?

We have highly skilled technicians, and we make sure that our emergency team can quickly diagnose problems and get your home back to its normal function as soon as possible. Our goal is to make sure that you are always satisfied with our service.  

If you suspect something is wrong with your plumbing, don’t wait. Small issues can quickly become much bigger ones. Toilets and other bathroom fixtures that seem to leak just a little can have bigger leaks that you can’t see; this can damage the sub-floor and even the ceiling of the room below. Today’s clogged and unfix-able toilet can be tomorrow’s sewage backup. While there are some basic solutions a homeowner can try, such as plunging drains or using chemicals to clear clogs, more extensive repairs should always be conducted by a trained plumber. You can quickly get yourself into more trouble than you expect, and cause more damage than you do good.  

If you are looking for a 24 hour emergency commercial plumbing service, contact UK Gas Plumbers today. We’ll schedule an appointment for maintenance services, or dispatch our emergency team immediately for urgent matters.  

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