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CP17 Gas Installation Certificate

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cp17 gas certificate

Commercial Gas Installation Safety Certificate

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CP17 Gas Safety Certificate

CP17 Gas Certificates are issued following physical and visual safety inspection by a Registered Commercial Gas Safe registered Engineer. Commercial gas safety checks are conducted on all gas heating appliances and visible piping within a commercial property to ensure that they are in good and safe working condition.

cp17 gas certificate
Commercial Gas Safety Certificates

CP17 Gas Certificate


Commercial Gas Safe Registration 582607

Legal Requirement and must be carried out every 12 months.

Commercial cp17 Gas Safety Certificate

Inspections and tests are performed on gas equipment and gas pipelines include furnace, fires, gas meters, burner, boilers, forced draught burners, industrial flues and chimneys to make sure they are safe, secure and sound enough for commercial premises. If the appliance uses an exhaust system to remove flue gases, they will also be inspected to see if the exhaust method is appropriate and if the required ventilation is provided or sufficient.

You will receive a CP17 Commercial gas certificate from our commercial gas engineer on completion, which will record the results of gas equipment installed on your premises.

The CP17 commercial gas safety check can be carried out between the 11th and 12th months from the date of the previous gas certificate (if the property has been permanently rented out). Therefore, it is important to indicate the date of the previous gas test so that we can carry out a new gas test at a sufficient time before the previous one ends

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Fast and reliable service, Ernest carried out a commercial gas certificate at our warehouse. He found a small gas leak on our installation but fix it right away at no additional cost. something just needed tightening. Excellent service.
commercial gas safety certificate
Philipin John
Excellent boiler service from a very polite gentleman. Highly recommended..
commercial gas safety
Maria Maya

Gas Safety Certificate Law

Any Business or commercial property where a commercial gas meter or a commercial gas appliance is installed, is required by law to have a valid commercial gas safety certificate either a CP15 commercial gas installation certificate or CP17 non domestic annual servicing report or A CP42 commercial catering gas certificate or all of the above. Failure to comply with these terms could invalidate your building insurance and you will also be breaking the law. Regulation (36)(1) of the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998. It is a legal requirement by the law.

Who can Issue a Commercial Gas Certificate
Only registered commercial gas safe engineers can issue a commercial gas safety certificate. The Commercial engineer will carry out an inspection on your commercial gas appliances installed in the building.

How long is a Commercial Gas Certificate Valid For
You must keep your gas certificate for two years according to regulation 36(3)(c) of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. This is a legal requirement and we also have to keep our records for 2 years. So if you loose your records for any reason and need it, we will always have a copy on file.

What are the fines / Consequences for Braking the law
The standard penalty is £6000 for each gas appliance installed in your property and/or a minimum of 6 months imprisonment for non compliance.

Gas Safety Resources and help
The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998
Official Health and Safety Gas Safe Information
Official Gas Safe Register
Carbon monoxide informati

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