Wilo Pump Repair London, Service & Maintenance

Wilo Pump Repair

We Service & Maintain All Wilo Manufactured Pump

Wilo Pump Repair London, Service & Maintenance
Wilo Pump Repair London, Service & Maintenance

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Wilo Stratos Repair
  • Description: High-efficiency circulation pump for heating, cooling, and air-conditioning systems.
  • Service Offered: We provide comprehensive repair services to ensure your Wilo Stratos pump operates at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and extending its lifespan.
Wilo Yonos PICO Repair
  • Description: Compact, energy-saving circulator pump for residential heating systems.
  • Service Offered: Our technicians specialize in repairing the Wilo Yonos PICO pumps, ensuring reliable heating for your home while maintaining low energy costs.
Wilo VeroLine-IP-E Service
  • Description: Intelligent inline pump for HVAC applications, featuring adjustable speed control.
  • Service Offered: We offer expert repair services to maintain the optimal performance of your Wilo VeroLine-IP-E, enhancing system efficiency and longevity.
Wilo-CronoLine-IL Repair
  • Description: Single-stage, low-pressure inline pump used in heating and air-conditioning systems.
  • Service Offered: Our skilled team provides repair services for the Wilo-CronoLine-IL, ensuring uninterrupted operation and efficient performance of your HVAC systems.
Wilo-Helix V Repair
  • Description: Multistage centrifugal pump designed for high-pressure applications in water supply and industrial systems.
  • Service Offered: We offer specialized repair services for Wilo-Helix V pumps, ensuring they meet the high demands of your industrial applications and water supply systems.


  • Description: Submersible pump for deep well applications, ideal for water supply and irrigation.
  • Service Offered: Our experts provide repair services for Wilo-Sub TWU pumps, ensuring reliable water extraction and consistent performance in all well conditions.
Wilo-DrainLift Service
  • Description: Lifting station for wastewater disposal, used in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Service Offered: We provide comprehensive repair services for Wilo-DrainLift systems, maintaining effective and hygienic wastewater management for your property.
Wilo-Rexa PRO Repair
  • Description: Submersible sewage pump designed for waste and sewage disposal in municipal and industrial settings.
  • Service Offered: Our team offers expert repair services for Wilo-Rexa PRO pumps, ensuring efficient and reliable sewage management for your facility.

Wilo-CronoNorm-NL Repair

  • Description: End-suction centrifugal pump for water supply, irrigation, and heating applications.
  • Service Offered: We provide repair services for Wilo-CronoNorm-NL pumps, ensuring consistent water flow and system efficiency for various applications.
Wilo-Multivert MVIS Service
  • Description: Multistage inline pump used for water supply, pressure boosting, and industrial applications.
  • Service Offered: Our repair services for Wilo-Multivert MVIS pumps ensure optimal performance and reliability, catering to both residential and industrial needs.

Prompt Wilo Pump Repair, Service, Maintenance & Replacement

Commercial Pump services designed to address specific issues and maintenance needs of commercial pump systems, ensuring they operate efficiently and reliably to support your business operations.

Basic Servicing Procedures

  1. Visual Inspection

    • Check for any visible damage, leaks, or corrosion on the pump and its components.
    • Inspect electrical connections for any signs of wear or loose connections.
  2. Cleaning

    • Clean the exterior of the pump to remove any dirt, dust, or debris.
    • If the pump is used in dirty environments, consider cleaning the internal components as needed, following manufacturer guidelines.
  3. Lubrication

    • Lubricate any moving parts as specified in the user manual. Some pumps may have sealed bearings that do not require lubrication.
  4. Check and Tighten Connections

    • Ensure all bolts, screws, and other fasteners are tight and secure.
    • Check for any loose fittings in the piping and tighten as necessary.
  5. Impeller and Casing Inspection

    • Open the pump casing and inspect the impeller for wear, damage, or clogging.
    • Clean the impeller and casing, removing any debris or buildup.
    • Check the impeller clearance and adjust if necessary according to the manufacturer’s specifications.


  1. Seal Inspection and Replacement

    • Inspect mechanical seals for signs of wear or leaks.
    • Replace seals if they are damaged or worn out. Ensure you use the correct type and size specified by the manufacturer.
  2. Motor and Electrical Checks

    • Check the motor for any unusual noises, vibrations, or overheating.
    • Measure the motor insulation resistance using a megohmmeter to ensure it is within the acceptable range.
    • Verify that the motor is drawing the correct current as specified in the user manual.
  3. Check Valves and Strainers

    • Inspect any check valves and strainers in the system.
    • Clean or replace them if they are clogged or damaged.
  4. Control System Check

    • Ensure that the pump control system, including any pressure switches, sensors, and controllers, is functioning correctly.
    • Test the system to verify that it starts and stops as intended.
  5. Performance Testing

    • After reassembling the pump, perform a test run to check for proper operation.
    • Monitor the pump for any unusual noises, vibrations, or performance issues.
    • Measure the flow rate and pressure to ensure the pump is operating within the specified parameters.

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